Monique’s Creations Exhibited at Café 3016

As a business owner, Monique understands that she has to continually put herself out there and get her beautiful artwork exposed to more and more people. Her tenacity with this, as with everything else in her life, is commendable. Her work is once again being exhibited, this time at Café 3016 in Oakland. Three of her favorite pieces were put up yesterday and will be exhibited during the month of July. Monique would love to have you stop by to see her work. Café 3016 is located at 3016 MacArthur Blvd. between Laurel Avenue and Maple Avenue.


  1. Kris Viers says

    Beautiful work, Monique Harris, as usual! I hope you sell all of these and take orders for many more pieces. We are very proud of your endeavors and accomplishments.

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